PolyFlake® Coating – anti-Corrosion and anti-Erosion Technology

PolyFlake® – An extremely Hard Inert Anti-Corrosion Coating, protecting any type of steel, alloys and any other material that can see corrosion/erosion by seawater or any other substances. The lifetime Corrosion-protection System for your vessel. Anywhere on your vessel as well as equipment and machinery.

The PolyFlake coating family is consisting of the following products for various applications;
- PolyFlake 110
- PolyFlake 220
- PolyFlake 330
- PolyFlake 440
- PolyFlake 550
- PolyFlake Superchem 2910

Important to know
- The product will last for between 15-25 years, likely surpassing the life-cycle of the vessel.
- Minimal surface preparation is required
- Polyflake is a perfect application for hard to reach areas or areas where extreme environments cause corrosion the steel / the hull / the pipes / etc.
- Polyflake will safeguard and protect the integrity of the material from corrosion / erosion resulting from almost all mediums.
- Polyflake is vibration tolerant
- The system application can be completed in 8 to 24 hours – after which the vessel can continue with its normal operation, even Scrubber wash water exhaust lines
EGCS issues
- Existing overboard/ exit lines: the application does not require the vessel to be dry docked. At this point we would gladly support you with the repairs / re-coating of the EGCS outlets of your vessels. We aim to keep operations simple and efficient
- More and more scrubber bodies interiors are confronted with erosion and corrosion. PolyFlake SuperChem 2910 is developed to handles the acidic environment. This coating is applied on the inside of the scrubbers to ensure an interruption-free operation of the EGCS.

Coating qualities and applications
- Polyflake coating systems applied on the hull (Hard Inert Coat)
- Protection from Chemical / Acid corrosion of OVBD pipes and diffusers of Exhaust Gas Scrubber Systems,
- High temperature resistant +300 degree Celsius
- Protection of any surface against Chemicals – Acids – Seawater – etc.
- Repairable - simple repair process / Fast curing / 100% efficient
- Hull coat – Deck coat – ER – Funnel - Deck equipment - etc
- Ballast Tank Coating – Tank Coating – Void Space coating
- Machinery and equipment like pumps, winches, filter-housings, coolers, valves, fans, etc.

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