PolyFlake started operations in 1987 with the aim to provide corrosion repairs and protection for steel surfaces for a large variety of equipment in the Marine, Power and water treatment Industry. Over time the company has evolved in Corrosion and Coating Technology Developers.

As part of the growth, the PolyFlake group has also added expansive workshops in Vancouver, BC, Canada, in order to support the clients with the best revision and repair service for machinery like pumps, hoppers, deck equipment, shafts, etc.

Expansion of the scope of work to the Cruise-vessel industry providing multi technical services, Polyflake applications, welding-, installation-, surface preparation-, fabrication-, pipe installation and many more project services.

Expansion into the turn key Corrosion protection of vessels which receive Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS = scrubbers). Developing GRE replacement system - POLYTUBE

Expansion onto the Global market with the first steps abroad to serve the global Cruise vessels fleet as well as specific International Shipowners.

Increased activity with the global EGCS and BWTS demand. Offering extensive Corrosion and Erosion protection solutions to the global shipowners.

Expansion into larger and more technical projects, like – conversion specialized projects and project preparations for the Oil & Gas, on the worldwide fleets.

The Rotterdam Office and workshop was elevated to the commercial and operational epicenter for the Global market with the aim of servicing Shipowners and Shipmanagers as well as the Petrochemical Industry and other Land based applications.
Currently there are about 40 service specialists spread over Rotterdam and Miami.

After almost 15 years of developing, hardcore testing and 8 years of operating, finally presenting a world-class Anti Marine Growth and Anti Corrosion Coating System with extreme durability and performance.

Official introduction of POLYGLIDE anti Marine growth Technology.

2020 / 2021
Appointing a global network of representations to build a solid Sales and Marketing presence in the major Shipping hubs around the world and hereby serving the global market.

A further 12 to 15 men will be joining the new to be started Shanghai branch by the end of the year.

PolyFlake Europe and PolyFlake Global is built up around a Management Team which comprises highly experienced and trusted persons in the Maritime industry. Lourens and Thomas have both been active since 1980, respectively since 1987; both successfully handling and completing complex Technical, challenging Operational and high value Commercial activities through the decades.

Elizabeth and Lily have also gathered their skills in this industry since 1999. Both Ladies have been handling Commercial~, Operational~ and General Management matters ever since. From building whole Vessel Series - Newbuildings à basically the Supervision and Management of such large-scale projects to Corporate Office Management as well as Manpower and Workshop Management.

This Management team has always regarded any issue as a challenge and never as a problem. Solution driven and determined to provide the best product combined with an efficient service.